Location: CA

Point Loma Lighthouse

The 70’ tubular tower of the lighthouse was manufactured by the Phoenix Iron Company and delivered to San Diego aboard two flatcars on July 5, 1890. This pyramidal tower is the only one of its kind on the west coast.

Burger Creek Bridge

This deck-truss structure is located on Layton-dos Rios Road and is the only remaining Whipple Truss bridge made by the Phoenix Bridge Company in the state. Originally it was a railroad bridge but was relocated to Mendocino County in 1934 for use as a vehicular crossing.

Photograph by Richard Garland

Geysers Road Bridge

This Phoenix Column bridge was originally a railroad bridge, but was relocated to its present site over Big Sulphur Creek in Sonoma County in 1937.

Photograph by Nathan Holth

Haupt Creek Bridge

Like others in the area, this Phoenix Column bridge was originally used as a railroad bridge. The 130’ span now crosses Haupt Creek in Sonoma County.

Photograph by Nathan Holth

Gualala Road Bridge

Originally a railroad bridge this 130 foot span was relocated in the 1930’s for vehicular traffic. It crosses the Haupt Creek near Annapolis.

Photograph by Nathan Holth