Video Library

On this page, you will find an archive of educational programs, tours and events presented by the Schuylkill River Heritage Center and captured on video. If you missed one our programs, you can watch the videos here.

Marilyn Michalski presents The Current Status of Pennsylvania’s Cavity Nesting Birds: Eastern Bluebirds, Tree Swallows and Northern Chickadees.

Holly Komonczi and Rowan Crisp share the story of The Lumber Industry in Pennsylvania.

Holly Komonczi, Executive Director of the Lumber Heritage Region.

Justin Spivey presents Crossing the Schuylkill River: Two Centuries of Bridge Building

Justin M. Spivey, Fellow of the Association for Preservation Technology International and vice chair of its Delaware Valley Chapter.

Steven Buck presents Chester County Trails Master Plan

Stephen Buck, who serves on the Chester County Planning Commission, shared information about upcoming trail projects.

Frank Furness, Industrial Age Architecture, September 2023

In this presentation, Barbara Cohen explores the work of Frank Furness and his contribution to the Philadelphia region’s historic architecture.

In this ZOOM presentation, representatives from many places will share their activities and events planned for 2022.

Chari Towne presents The Schuylkill River Project

In this ZOOm presentation, Chari Towne, a leader of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network for many years, and now its Director of Operations and Grants, will tell the story of how the Schuylkill River became the dirtiest river in the USA, but because of the massive clean-up efforts, it is now clean and was named as one of eleven American Heritage Rivers.

Birds along the River

Mary Ellen Heisey, a knowledgeable and avid avian enthusiast, a member of Schuylkill Township’s Environmental Advisory Council and the Schuylkill River Heritage Center provided an exploration of Birds that can be sighted along our area rivers.

Phoenixville’s Legacy

The Schuylkill River Heritage Center celebrates Phoenixville’s Legacy
of inclusiveness and diversity. We have installed a large display of religious places in the community that illustrate this wonderful history. This display also honors Debbie Mitchell – the heroine who was an amazing African- American community leader, and who is featured on The Phoenixville Mural!

Phoenixville’s Renaissance

If you missed Barbara Cohen’s presentation about Phoenixville’s Renaissance, follow this link for a recording of the ZOOM session. Learn more about the important architectural and historical features of Phoenixville, and efforts to restore the Foundry.