Location: FL

Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge

This bridge once spanned the Garrison Chanel from Seddon Island to Tampa, in Hillsborough County, and was part of the former Seaboard Air Line railway. It was manufactured in its entirety by the Phoenix Bridge Company. Unfortunately it was dismantled in 1984.

Photograph courtesy of Historic American Engineering Record

Ponce de Leon Lighthouse

This lighthouse is located along the east coast, north of Daytona Beach. Phoenix Iron Company provided structural support for the 194 step circular stairway inside.

Photograph by Ellen Henry, Ponce de Leon Preservation Association.

Cape Canaveral Lighthouse

It is located off the coast, not far from the Cape Canaveral Space Center. In fact space launches are still visible from the lighthouse. The steps and the interior structural support system were manufactured by the Phoenix Iron Company.

Photography – Courtesy of Wikipedia

American Shoal Lighthouse

Built by the Phoenix Iron Company, this unique, wrought iron, octagonal pyramidal skeletal tower encloses a staircase and an octagonal dwelling in the middle. It has a screwpile foundation and is located off the coast of southern Florida, near Sugarloaf Key. It is only accessible by boat.

Photograph courtesy of the U.S. Coast Guard