Location: MA

Martha’s Vineyard-Oak Bluffs Tabernacle

This unique structure was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 and became a National Historic Landmark in 2005. Comprising over 34 acres, it is part of the Vineyard’s Camp Meeting Association, originally represented by a small group of Methodists. Its structure is supported by Phoenix Columns. Now fully restored, it continues to host concerts, art shows and a Grand Illumination that is held each year.

Photography provided by Russell E. Dagnall

Farley Bridge

Crosses the Millers River in Franklin County. Built by Dean & Westbrook, the company that had many contractual arrangements with the Phoenix Bridge Company for the actual fabrication of the parts needed and used for the bridges.

Photograph by Nathan Holth

Buzzard’s Bay Bridge

Buzzard’s Bay is the gateway to Cape Cod. This extraordinary, 544 foot span provides 136 feet of vertical lift for ships to pass beneath it. The entire steel superstructure for this railroad bridge was manufactured by the Phoenix Bridge Company.

Photograph by Jeff Amerine

Atherton Bridge

Located in Lancaster, it is one of the earliest bridges in the USA to use Phoenix Columns.

Photograph by Nathan Holth