Location: PA

Walnut Street Bridge

This Phoenix Column bridge crosses the Susquehanna River in Harrisburg, PA’s state capital. It was engineered and designed in the “Camelback” style by the Phoenix Bridge Company for Dean & Westbrook. It is now used as a pedestrian crossing and is listed on the National Register.

Photograph by Jodi Christman

Strawberry Mansion Bridge

This beautiful steel structure spans the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia and connects the two sections of Fairmount Park, which is the largest city park in the US. It was manufactured by the Phoenix Bridge Company.

Photograph by Nathan Holth

Phoenix Column Bridge at the Foundry

Manufactured by the Phoenix Bridge Company and located on its former 130 acre facility in Phoenixville, this bridge was used as a sample bridge to promote sales. It crosses the French Creek and originally, rail tracks on it supported “dinky” cars, which transported materials to the open hearth buildings.

Photograph by Barbara Cohen

Athens Railroad Bridge

Constructed by the Phoenix Bridge Company, this through-truss bridge crosses the Chemung River at Athens in Bradford County. It is part of the Lehigh Valley Railroad line.

Photograph by Tom Hannon

Knoebels Park

Although the date and original location of this Phoenix Bridge Company bridge, using Phoenix Columns, is not known, it was moved here and is now constantly used to take visitors on a train ride around the theme park.

Photograph by Elaine Deutsch

Johnstown Incline Plane Bridge

Located in Johnstown, this bridge was manufactured by the Phoenix Bridge Company as a response to the 1889 horrific Johnstown flood. It provided a way for residents to escape to high ground in the event of another flood. It is also significant because of its complex truss configuration.

Photograph by Nathan Holth

Greenlane Bridge

This Pratt-thru truss bridge, using Phoenix Columns, crosses the Yellow Breeches Creek in Cumberland & York counties. It was constructed by Dean and Westbrook and the Phoenix Bridge Company.

Photograph by Jodi Christman

Dingman’s Ferry Bridge

In 1735 Andrew Dingman ran a flat boat across the Delaware River to New Jersey. The family continued to run a ferry service across the river throughout the 19th century since several bridges that were built all failed. Finally, after the troubled past, this bridge was constructed by the Phoenix Bridge Company. It is one of the few privately owned bridges in the USA still in active use.

Photograph by Barbara Cohen

Bollman Rail-Trail Bridge

One of the rarest bridges in the state, it was designed by Wendell Bollman, and used Phoenix Columns. It was relocated to a rail-trail near Meyersdale in 2007.

Photograph by Barbara Cohen