Location: VA

Old Route 61 Wolf Creek Bridge

The Phoenix Bridge Company originally built this as a railroad bridge. It was converted to vehicular traffic in 1946, but is now a popular pedestrian crossing. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is located in Bland County.

Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

Hawthorne Street Bridge

This Phoenix Column Bridge was constructed for what has now become the CSX Railroad, and crosses over the street in Covington. It is still in use.

Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

Gleaves Road Bridge

This bridge crosses the Cripple Creek on Route 619 in Wythe County. Built by the Phoenix Bridge Company, it was originally a railroad bridge with Pratt trusses and Phoenix Columns. It has now been rehabilitated and is owned by the VA DOT.

Photograph courtesy of Google

Francis Scott Key Bridge

This iconic bridge crosses the Potomac River connecting Washington, DC with Arlington, VA. It was built by the Army Corps of Engineers in conjunction with the Phoenix Bridge Company.

Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia

Botetourt Bridge at Eagle Rock

Originally built by the Phoenix Bridge Company as a railroad bridge, it is located in the western part of the state, SW of Roanoke. It was the only bridge that withstood a tornado in 1987 so it was resurfaced and restored for vehicular traffic.

Photography by Barbara Cohen